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Crystals at Sage & Salt

Corbin R.

It was only a matter of time until Sage & Salt started selling crystals. After months of research, countless meetings with miners and sellers, we're ready to sell. Crystals are a fabulous magical addition to ones arsenal for good vibes. We have a very limited and highly-curated supply of the shiny stuff. Responsively harvested, cleared and charged under the full moon, our crystals come buzzing with energy. Click here to see our current selection of crystals.  


Images via Sage & Salt LLC.

Ashley Longshore <3's Sage & Salt

Corbin R.

We worship Ashley Longshore, the New Orleans-based artist and decadent-goddess of our social media wet dreams. So when she posted on her Instagram that she's a fan of Sage & Salt we nearly died. HUGE thank you to Ashley Longshore-- we are not worthy! 

Image via Ashley Longshore.

Image via Ashley Longshore.

Oh HELL YES!!! Who doesnt need a lil extra magic and positivity in their life...This is my good friends company @sagesalt !!! I spray the sage spray everyday around my easel before I paint!!! And around the front door of my gallery and my armpits and pussy...all the important places.....His products are beautiful and I keep them by my bed and on my altar in my studio..... go follow him and tell him I sent you and order some MAGIC for yourself!!! Thank me later...I love you! #ashleylongshore #fuckyeah #popart
— Ashley Longshore

Sage & Salt in ALLURE Magazine

Corbin R.

We are absolutely beside ourselves with our placement in the February issue of ALLURE Magazine! The story highlights our Smokeless Smudge.

Crystal-clutching purist may favor Sage & Salt’s Smokeless Smudge, whose white-sage-and-palo santo spritz is meant to zap bad vibes from any space.
— ALLURE Magazine