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New Product: Wealth Dust

Corbin R.

For the rich witch and aspiring-baller alike, Wealth Dust is used to inspire the magic of abundance. Throw it around your house or keep some in your office to rouse your money-making power. Enchanted with a mix of bewitching herbs, charged salt and major bling-bling, Wealth Dust may put you at high-roller status before you know it. 

Copyright © 2017 Sage & Salt,  All rights reserved

Copyright © 2017 Sage & Salt,  All rights reserved

Circle Wealth Dust around a green candle or simply keep some near your sacred space to help your money-manifestations come to life. For more information or to purchase Wealth Dust, click here. 

PHOENIX Magazine: Best Hippie/Witchy Products

Corbin R.


We're so thrilled to see Sage & Salt in Phoenix Magazine's August issue under 'Best Hippie/Witchy Products'. Hand picked by Phoenix Magazine's editors, this is a massive compliment to our brand. They discussed our Smokeless Smudge, Lust Dust and Witches Salt. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 7.49.04 PM.png

The Wellness Vault on our Smokeless Smudge!

Corbin R.

We are thrilled with this fabulous story from The Wellness Vault talking about our Smokeless Smudge! If you'd like to purchase our Smokeless Smudge please click here. Here's a little snip from the story

"But a newish product has changed the way I clear out the bad juju in my house. Sage & Salt’s Smokeless Smudge is sage in a bottle. And it’s brilliant. A potent blend of sage and palo santo—among other delicious secret ingredients—combined with witchy goodness, it clears out any negative energy or bad moods in a spritz."