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About Sage & Salt 

SageAndSalt.Intuition Spray

Born from the notion that magic and good energy should be a part of everyday life, Sage & Salt is the next big thing in self-empowerment and personal transformation. Ancient ritual meets modern sensibility in each of the luxurious, energetically charged products brought to life by a real witch.

All of the bewitching articles produced by Sage & Salt have been created with intention and ceremony. From crafting their lush Manifestation Candles, Spell Salts, and signature Smokeless Smudge on specific moon cycles to ensure that each item is charged with the energy it needs to serve its purpose, to sourcing high quality sustainable ingredients, Sage & Salt helps you to make magic happen. 

Every single person that touches the products, from creation to packaging, is energetically aware, ensuring the good vibes that have been so carefully infused aren’t damaged along the way. The attention to detail and dedication to providing customers with a product that will make a real difference in their lives is the driving force behind all that they do. 

Their signature Smokeless Smudge is a game changer, and is produced sustainably to protect the white sage whose power has been used to punch out toxic energy for hundreds of years. Blended with palo santo, the Smokeless Smudge is created in ultra-limited quantities to safeguard the integrity of the product.

From the Smokeless Smudge, Sage & Salt has grown its offerings to include intentionally crafted Manifestation Candles that aid in purification, encourage abundance, entice love, keep Mercury Retrograde at bay, and even rouse revenge. Doorway Dust keeps good vibes in and toxic energy out, while Abundance Dust makes money move, and the Clean Sweep Home Kit delivers a curated set of energetically-charged items that’ll make any abode feel cleansed. 

Sage & Salt is sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Forty Five Ten and TENOVERSIX in Dallas, Houston, Napa and Miami.

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