Banish Bad Vibes with Our Smokeless Smudge

Is your space feeling not so fresh? It’s okay to admit that maybe you’re getting creeped out by that one hallway, or a certain corner in your room makes you feel uncomfortable. (We have a weird drawing in the bathroom that gives us the creeps.) It happens. Before you panic, maybe it’s time to sage your space.

Burning sage has become a ritual for almost everyone, including the non-witchy among us. It’s step one when moving into a new apartment or home. Whether you’re hoping to drive away bad juju, or have a lingering feeling that chills you, you need to lighten the air. A good smudging can be the answer to your problems. The only drawback? The actual fire and burning part, especially if you have kids or pets, or just a super sensitive smoke alarm. (But hey, maybe a hot fireman or woman will rock up to your house!) Smudging isn’t always easy or practical, which is why we made the Smokeless Sage Spray. 

The powerful spray, made from both white sage and sacred palo santo, will banish negativity and open your home to more positive feelings. We admit to using it when we’re in a bad mood or need to clear the vibes for some creative inspiration. (Sometimes the bad energy is coming from us.) It’s also incredible for using before and after house guests. You don’t want other people’s drama hanging out in your life.

Spray around your meditation area to clear and focus your mind. Or near your bed to help with bad dreams. A spray after a major house cleaning will make sure your home is really sparkling. If anyone’s been sick—even with a cold—the Smokeless Smudge will help you feel more energized afterwards. And, our favorite use, when you’re in a funky mood, spray it away!

And, not for nothing, but the Smokeless Sage Spray smells much cleaner and nicer than some bundles we’ve burned. So if you’re sensitive to scents, this one’s a must.


Smokeless Smudge
from 35.00