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Hexing 101: The Right Way to Get Rid of a Pest

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Uh oh! Seems like a witch is brewing up something potent. Let us guess: You want to cast something to really show your ex or mother-in-law what it means to cross you? 


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Banish Bad Vibes with Our Smokeless Smudge

Is your space feeling not so fresh? It’s okay to admit that maybe you’re getting creeped out by that one hallway, or a certain corner in your room makes you feel uncomfortable.  It happens. Before you panic, maybe it’s time to smudge your space. Smokeless Sage Spray. 

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What is Smudging?

What is Smudging? When is a good time to Smudge? What's the history behind Smudging? Read more about Sage & Salt's Smokeless Smudge. 

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