Lemurian Quartz & Diamond Talisman

Lemurian Quartz & Diamond Talisman


Sage & Salt x The Woods Fine Jewelry collaboration.

The lemurian crystal is thee ultimate when it comes to tapping-into the universe for direction and guidance. This stone has a very strong energy that’s used to bring in good vibes, and make any space sacred. Wrapped in diamonds, this piece will bring good vibes wherever and whenever it’s worn. 

Have you ever wanted to just drape yourself in the cleansing, comforting energy of your favorite crystal? We’re talking a full-on, no-holds-barred bubble of power. The answer to the non-stop good vibes you seek, of course, is to literally wear your magic at all times. But anyone who has spent hours upon hours browsing the internet for a piece that doesn’t look like it was lifted from the local renaissance faire knows that finding actually wearable crystal jewelry is no small feat. Well boy, do I have good news for you: Sage & Salt and The Woods Fine Jewelry are taking your codependent relationship with your crystals and making it luxury. Believe it, witch.

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