Pyrite & Diamond Pendant

Pyrite & Diamond Pendant


Sage & Salt x The Woods Fine Jewelry. Pyrite and diamond talisman. Pyrite, with its golden shimmer has an amazing energy that’s long been associated with money making magic. This piece has been charged and enchanted to bring abundance to the one who wears it.

Pendant does not include garnet/diamond chain, but it is available for purchase. 

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Stones are selected at random. Please note that because of the nature of this stone, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar, unless otherwise specified. Sizing may vary. Given the sensitive energetic nature of crystals, all sales are final.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Do not ingest. Item is sold as curio only.

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